HLG SYSTEM is a unique system of Japanese protection in their sort, permanent global protection, that is applied as a painting and allows:

1. To protect the surface against the aggressions of paintings and stickers.
2. For of filter against the ultraviolet rays that attack and age the materials of premature form.
3. It is a protective even atioxidant wings metallic surfaces, protects of the corrosive agents like acids.
4. He is colorless and therefore it doesn't affect the original color of the elements.

In a single product, it combines the advantages of other more specific products:

• Permanent
• Totally permeable to the water vapour
• It repels sprays, labellers and the stickers
• Thought for the mineral substrata and the porous surfaces
• Simple application for professionals
• Simple cleaning without needing aggressive chemical agents
• Profitable in the short term