1. Cleaning and cleaning manual:

Manual will be realised with machinery (polisher)


2. Application of NR 2000 (if fit requires it to the surface), primer and enamels:

The application of mentioned products will be realised brush and roller.

Masking time primer: 5 minutes

Masking time enamels: 7-8 minutes


3. Application HLG SYSTEM:

The application of protection HLG SYSTEM is realised in two stages, the application will be realised to brush and roller.

The layer of 100 SL his drying to the tact is of 2 to 3 minutes to 20Cº, but we cannot apply the layer of SL 600 until spent 4 hours minimum, drying of this layer also is of 2 to 3 minutes touch dry to 20 Cº, the application also will be realised with brush and roller.

Masking time to tact SL100 Color: 3-4 minutes