· First system antigrafiti and antistickers, that are applied like a painting.

· Ecological and Sustainable protection.

· Japanese and Spanish origin.

· Inorganic nature, that doesn't contaminate.

· Applications = Effect crystal.

· It can be applied in any type of surface, without altering it.

· Transparent, impermeable and transpirable.

· Simple system of cleaning.

· Cleaning: solely with a dry rag, cold water or with low pressure, or using any product to base alcohol.

· It undergoes a minimum wearing down, in the course of the time.

· Components of the system in liquid form.



- It prevents and it avoids the graffitti appearance.

- It avoids the adhesion of stickers.

- It facilitates the cleaning and desinfection of any surface.

- It forms an inorganic layer that protects the inclemency.


A New Proposal of Business based on the implantation of a new Philosophy for a Sustainable Mainenance of our spaces