We are a company with over 30 years experience in the field of painting applications. Our fields of knowledge, which we specialize are:

Rehabilitation and painting of facades.

Painted parquins and local soil, etc ...

Fire protection of structures, walls and doors.

Lacquering and varnishing of furniture and doors.

Industrial painting, painted steel elements (rails, steel structures, fences, machinery etc).

Interior decoration.

Applications of decorative products: Venetian stucco, stucco with lime, walls d 'Aantan, carabaggio, glazes, etc ...

And for eight years, we have specialized in the application of HLG SYSTEM. With our experience in the world of the paintings, and the HLG SYSTEM, our company, expanded its services and now the protection and maintenance of all types of surfaces we have in our environment is one of our main activities.

Our implementation and maintenance philosophy has allowed us, that at this time, we have an area of over 400,000 m2 of landscape protected hurbano HLG SYSTEM that allows keeping with our philosophy, have clean spaces and environmentally sustainable manner. Barcelona is the most pioneering use our philosophy, and now and for the past seven years Barcelona enjoys our protection on your furniture with very satisfactory results.


And with our extensive industry experience and know-how, since April 2012 we are entitled to HLG SYSTEM marketing and the appointment of approved applicators.